Also: HAPPY 1000th FOLLOWER!

I’m so sorry I’ve been missing!

We’ve moved to our house, which is finally renovated and fits us and the kids quite nicely. I also got a new computer from Trace for my birthday. I’m still a little shaky on this little things, so be patient with me. However, please, feel free to send me your comments and questions. I will try to answer them more promptly from now on.

posted 2 months ago

Anonymous asked: "How much wold you say you love your wife?"

I would say I love her more than I’ve loved anyone else or could love anyone else. More than architecture, more than poetry, more than good wine or star wars. I love her more than life, anonymous.

posted 2 months ago

Anonymous asked: "Hi, how are you doing after all that has happend?"

You’ll have to be more specific, anonymous!

posted 2 months ago

Anonymous asked: "Ted, I'm losing the love of my life. We have a long distance thing but he sometimes have girlfriend in his city. He said will come back this December, but I feel he is falling in love with a girl..."

Dear Long Distance,

It sounds like your relationship isn’t very exclusive. Would you like it to be? I’d talk to him and let him know how you’re feeling. Tell him that you aren’t okay with the way things are going and that you need to reevaluate your relationship. The longer you put it off, the less will be solved and the more unhappy you’ll be.

- Ted

william1995blog asked: "How are you celebrating Star Wars day and may the forth be with you"

The wife and I got dressed up and watched all of the movies with Barney and Robin - fantastic day.

the-clock-is-striking asked: "Teeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you and Tracy doing? is everything ok? are Barney and Robin back from their honeymoon? what about Marshall and Lily in Rome? do you miss them?"

Tracy and I are doing really well. She just had a doctors appointment and everything is alright on that front, thank God. Barney and Robin have been married for quite some time now, actually, and they’re really happy the last I checked. They’re raising their daughter Ellie and are pretty comfortable settled down in New York. 

Marshall and Lily went back to Rome this year, but are home now. Their kids are growing fast! She’s had another since Daisy was born.

Anonymous asked: "Just heard that penny has been fooling around with the new bartender at Maclarens..."

…Penny is just a kid. What are you playing at?

Anonymous asked: "Theres this guy X I've been in love with for 4 years. We had a short lived affair, and now end up in bed like twice a year. He's friends with all my friends, but we aren't exactly friends - it's always weird between us. Now I'm seeing his roommate, whom I really like and who's amazing. But I'm always running into X and though I'm trying to get over it, my heart is aching whenever I see him. I really wanna move on, but I can't, it goes way too deep. Anything comforting you could tell me, Ted?"

Hello Heart Ache,

I’m sorry it took me so long to get in touch with you. Things have been crazy on my end - doctors appointments with Trace, being a full time Dad and a part time architect - you know the drill. But I haven’t forgotten about you, don’t worry.

It sounds like you have a tie to this guy, one you can’t seem to sever no matter how much length you unravel between you. I know how you feel, and everyone always told me to cut off ties all together. It’s easier said then done, isn’t it?

You need to focus your thoughts on why you’re not with this man. Why doesn’t it work, why are you with the roommate instead of him? Make a list, add to it every time you think of it, and stop thinking about the good memories. Stop letting yourself remember him only for his good qualities instead of who he really is.

Once you understand why you’re not with him, then the good memories can trickle back through and you can concentrate on building a friendship with him again. Until then, do yourself a favor and try to distance yourself emotionally. It’ll help you, and this ex of yours as well.

I hope I helped!

- Ted

posted 4 months ago

they-call-me-whatsername asked: "TTTEEEEDDDDDDD"

Whats Her Name!!!